Aus Prunes are packed with natural goodness. They are cholesterol and fat-free, high in fibre, low GI and they contain many nutrients and antioxidants that can contribute to our health. Most are dried on the farms where they are grown and they don't have to travel too many food miles to reach us. Aus Prunes are also delicious. They are great recipe enhancers at breakfast, lunch or dinner and an ideal, healthy snack at any time of the day.
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20th Feb, 2017
Here is a little one that loves eating #AustralianPrunes #ausprunes . Think he may have been happy to see me walk in the door tonight. #babywholovesprunes

20th Feb, 2017
What an incredible day working with a super talented team who created wonders with Australian Prunes. Thank you David Campbell Wharf Rd Restaurant & Bar & Hungry Duck Berry, Nick Gardner Eschalot Restaurant, Lisa Madigan LISA MADIGAN the store and Lean Timms. I may have grabbed a cheeky snack for the way home. Recipes and professional images from the entire shoot will be coming soon.

20th Feb, 2017
All the amazing dishes.. Australian Prunes you are so versatile. How does this gorgeous summer salad look?

20th Feb, 2017
Is it too early for an Australian Prune choc chilli rum tart?

20th Feb, 2017
Perfect day to create recipes containing Australian Prunes. Stunning backdrop! Chefs prepping and photographer and stylist setting up. #ausprunes Wharf Rd Restaurant & Bar Eschalot Restaurant LISA MADIGAN the store #leantimms South Coast Style Australian Country Nourish Magazine

14th Feb, 2017

11th Feb, 2017
If you didn't know it already, it is hot and here is some proof. #hot #summer #prunes #Riverina #Griffith

27th Jan, 2017
A change is coming!!!! #colourchange #Ausprunes #Aussieproduce #Prunes

17th Jan, 2017
Australian Prune Industry Association shared Visit Shoalhaven's post.

14th Jan, 2017
"What you lookin' at Willis?"

10th Jan, 2017
After a few days away from social media, we are back with an orchard update. Our prunes are handling the hot weather beautifully however our Ausprune growers are a little sick of it. We are tracking a little later this year so harvest will be pushed back until later in February. Next stage is colour change, we will keep you posted. Happy New Year!!!!

15th Dec, 2016
Our Recipes | TAFE NSW Riverina Institute

13th Dec, 2016
Remember Tiffin bite sized food adventures Prune and Amaretto Coffee Cake? We served it up at Ausprunes executive meeting today. What a hit!!!! 10 very clean plates and 10 very satisfied prune executives. Terrible photo but delicious cake. A must try. Griffith Exies Club

11th Dec, 2016
14 days until Christmas, 60 days until harvest. The count down is on. #Ausprunes #Australianprunes #harvest #christmas #orchard #summer

24th Nov, 2016
Australian Prune Industry Association updated their cover photo.

24th Nov, 2016
Tiffin bite sized food adventures

23rd Nov, 2016
Our Ausprune travellers are back from a huge trip to Chile and Argentina. They are settling back into farm life. These hills are a little smaller then the Andes. #Riverina #prunes #ausprunes #farmlife

13th Nov, 2016
#Ausprunes on tour. We have run out of time and are on our way home. First leg Puerto Montt to Santiago.

12th Nov, 2016
#Ausprunes on tour. We are being treated to a traditional Chilean BBQ after sailing for a couple of days in Northern Patagonia. #Chile #coupla #IPA2016 #prunes

11th Nov, 2016
#Ausprunes on tour. Bilbul prune grower, Del had embraced his new role. He now address him has Captain Zalunardo. We may not get him on the plane to come home.

9th Nov, 2016
#Ausprunes on tour. What a wonderful day!!! One more official engagement to come tonight and then we have finished the #IPA2016 Congress in Santiago, Chile. Today we visited processor Frutexsa and orchards located in the Buin area. Check out the spectacular backdrop. #Andes

9th Nov, 2016
#Ausprunes on tour. We have had a really hard night tonight. Traditional dancing and a dinner party in the garden of the IPA President, Hector Claro. #salute

8th Nov, 2016
#Ausprunes on tour. Day 2 of the #ipa2016 Congress in Santiago, Chile. Australian prune growers Grant, Michael, Tony and Del are looking forward to hearing about growing techniques in California and Solar Drying Technology in Chile.

7th Nov, 2016
#Ausprunes on tour. The last session of day 1 at #IPA2016. The world leaders from Chile, France, Italy, Australia, United States and South Africa are taking some tough questions from the audience.

7th Nov, 2016
#Ausprunes on tour. Christian Amblard from France presenting world statics of prune production. #IPA2016.

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