Aus Prunes are packed with natural goodness. They are cholesterol and fat-free, high in fibre, low GI and they contain many nutrients and antioxidants that can contribute to our health. Most are dried on the farms where they are grown and they don't have to travel too many food miles to reach us. Aus Prunes are also delicious. They are great recipe enhancers at breakfast, lunch or dinner and an ideal, healthy snack at any time of the day.
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12th Oct, 2016
Just hanging around!!!! #bees #prunes #ausprunes #escapedfromourhive #pollinating

5th Oct, 2016
#Bees working their magic. #ausprunes #prunes #bees #pollinating

3rd Oct, 2016
Van der Merwe, an early South African variety has set well despite the wet conditions. #prunes #ausprunes #wetspring

29th Sep, 2016
An orchard of gold at the end of this rainbow. #prunes #Ausprunes #storms

28th Sep, 2016
Griffith prune industry blossoms – belles & whispers

27th Sep, 2016
Australian Prune Industry Association shared Belles and Whispers's photo.

27th Sep, 2016
Only in #Australia. #Emu #ausprunes #prunes #riverina

26th Sep, 2016
Souffle Pancake With Apple-Pear Compote : Food Network Kitchen : Food Network

24th Sep, 2016
Still flowering #Ausprunes #prunes #riverina

17th Sep, 2016
#Ausprunes flowering 2016

16th Sep, 2016
Australian Prune Industry Association updated their cover photo.

16th Sep, 2016
Dried fruit: Dispelling the sugar myths

12th Sep, 2016
Blind taste test for our Ausprune farmers at today's AGM and Annual Conference. Which variety will they like to best?

6th Sep, 2016
It's hard to believe that spring is here already. Our trees are ready to burst and our Ausprune growers are ready to hit the ground running. #spring #Ausprunes #driedplums #prunes #wherehasthetimegone

6th Sep, 2016
Australian Prune Industry Association updated their cover photo.

1st Sep, 2016
Breakfast of champions. #prunes #spring

28th Aug, 2016
Your Grandparents Are on to Something with Prune Juice

20th Aug, 2016
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8th Aug, 2016

is french CLAIRAC 47320 ..lot et garonne france aujourdhui j ai rencontre une productrice de pruneaux d ente " d agen " australienne qui est venu voir mon village "city " pour voir ou les anciens moines ont crées cet arbre ......merci a elle .......please no spike englich

3rd Aug, 2016
An Ausprune fan sent us a photo of their recent family trip to the snow. With two young kids, on their first snow adventure, it was way too hard to make a snow man so they settled on a snow bunny. We were always told that carrots were great for your eyes but as you can see prunes are a much better choice. #snowbunny #travelwithprunes #prunes

18th Jul, 2016
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